Work Permit Services

Migration Partners team have 15 years dedicated work visa experience in New Zealand, Australia, UK, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our team members have handled nearly every type of visa / immigration situation possible - including complex applications such as:

  • New Company Sponsorship / Accreditation
  • Joint Ventures
  • Urgent Work Permit Applications
  • Refused Visa Appeals and Reviews
  • Aged Visa Applicants
  • Medical Issues
  • Security Concerns / Visa Refusals
  • Complex Documentation Issues
  • Borderline Applications
  • Visa Cancellations

We specialise in corporate applications from technical / operational roles to Project Management and the Boardroom. Our expertise lends itself to all types of applications, from the simple to the most urgent and challenging cases.  

If you want a smooth hassle free service with comprehensive support - call us today.