New Zealand Lifestyle

New Zealand offers a world class lifestyle in a safe and secure country to establish your business and family.  We have some of the best beaches in the world and advanced cities with leading edge technology. 

New Zealand is consistently ranked at the top of global lifestyle surveys comparing quality of life internationally & that's why three quarters of recent migrants decide they want to stay permanently – with nine out of ten prepared to recommend New Zealand to family and friends. In particular, Auckland was recently ranked as having the highest quality of life in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Safe Clean Green Lifestyle

New Zealand offers Migrants an enviable lifestyle including:

  • Specialist Investment & Business Visas
  • Property Migration Solutions
  • an excellent English language education system for your family
  • Many options for Permanent Residence & Citizenship
  • A simple start to English-speaking Western culture and lifestyle
  • A low-risk safe & secure environment
  • A large Asian community & facilities here to support you* More than 1,500 Chinese retired to New Zealand in 2013.
  • New Zealand is clean and green with beautiful scenery and wilderness. Our healthy lifestyle is perfect for raising children or retirement.


New Zealand is close to Asia & you can easily maintain your family life and business relationships with our reliable communication network. New Zealand is recognised globally as being a safe place to invest and do business. It ranks first in the world for:

  • protecting investors (World Bank Doing Business report 2013)
  • lack of corruption (Transparency International Corruption Index 2012)
  • starting a business (World Bank Doing Business report 2013) Anti-corruption NGO Transparency International continues to rank New Zealand Number 1 for honesty and integrity in its public sector in 2012, the seventh year in a row the country was either first or first equal in the Corruption Perceptions index.

The country has a straightforward, business-friendly taxation system that supports capital development, research and development and international investment. Cost of doing business New Zealand boasts comparatively low developed-country business costs. Its labour costs are extremely competitive for a first-world country with a highly skilled and educated workforce.

Efficient, market-oriented economy

New Zealand has a stable and internationally competitive economy. A wide range of free trade agreements, pro-competitive regulation, an efficient tax code, an open political system and the absence in almost all sectors of import tariffs or Government subsidies, have given rise to an efficient, globally competitive economy that facilitates both domestic and foreign investment. State-owned enterprises are structured as corporations and compete on an equal footing with private sector counterparts. A free and independent media ensures transparency in the corporate and Government decision-making processes.

New Zealand boasts sound macroeconomic foundations, being among the top 20 rated sovereigns in the world: Standard & Poors gives New Zealand an AA+ local currency rating, an AA foreign currency rating and an AAA T&C assessment

Access to Other Markets

New Zealand's geographic proximity and extensive free-trade agreements (FTA) provide access to key global markets. New Zealand currently has FTAs in place with: China, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Chile. New Zealand passport holders face fewer visa and other travel formalities than many other nationalities.

Abundant Resources

New Zealand has abundant water and arable land, and a temperate climate that supports sustainable food production. There is a stable supply of gas and electricity with up to 75 percent of all electricity generated from renewable hydro, geothermal and wind energy. This is supplemented by natural gas produced from local oil and gas fields, which is both exported and refined in-country to meet some domestic transport needs.

New Zealand has world-class infrastructure across transport, logistics and telecommunications. Most major international airlines serve international airports in seven urban centres across New Zealand. Over 30 global and regional shipping lines serve privately-run, deep-water ports at internationally competitive stevedoring costs. The country also has an extensive road and rail transport system and efficient inter-island links.


New Zealand has an open door policy on bank registration. There are several major trading banks and numerous other banking institutions. Many big international banks are represented in New Zealand through agents or sales offices. The parents of the four largest banks are Australian-owned and are all in the top 21 of the Global Finance World's Safest Banks index. Ease of doing business New Zealand consistently scores well on the World Bank Doing Business rankings for the ease of doing business here. Incorporating a business in New Zealand takes just one day, while registering a property takes only two.

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We have world-class cities, apartments, schools, universities and houses in a clean green beautiful country. 

Video produced by Immigration New Zealand. To view other videos and learn more about living and working in New Zealand, visit the Government’s New Zealand Now website.”